www.gokhulp.be is a joint scheme set up by the Gaming Commission, Le Pélican not-for-profit organisation (Brussels) and the CAD-Limburg.

This bilingual website provides assistance and information for people who have a gambling problem. Taking that first step to ask for help is often difficult for problem gamblers. This is largely explained by feelings of shame, the fear of not being understood and the lingering hope of still being able to solve their (financial) problems by returning to gambling and betting yet again. The site is designed to offer more accessible assistance to problem gamblers. People are increasingly gambling online. We hope this site will enable problem gamblers to find their way to the right assistance and the right information more quickly. The site is free to all visitors and entirely anonymous.
The site is made up of two components. The website's informative component contains a lot of information about games of chance and problematic gambling behaviour. There is an FAQ section, lots of information as to where to get help, and visitors can post messages on a public forum. The friends and family of problem gamblers and professional caregivers will also find a great deal of advice and knowledge in the informative part of the site. Additionally, three types of "self-tests" are available to visitors who are concerned about their behaviour when it comes to gambling.
Anyone who is having problems with gambling and who wants to do something about their behaviour can anonymously sign up for the online self-help free of charge through the website. During the course of the programme, which lasts 3 to 12 weeks according to preference, participants can reap the benefit of a series of challenges that are designed to help them reach their goal. People who sign up to the Self-Help programme can get in touch with other people looking for help through the secure forum. Exchanging experiences, sharing successful paths travelled and enjoying support from others can be tremendously helpful.
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