Prevention film for youngsters aged 14-18

Under the header of BLUFF!, the Gaming Commission has set up a prevention campaign aimed at youngsters aged 14-18.

For the campaign, the Gaming Commission also made a film, an educational kit and an educational board game. The aim of the campaign is to reach the widest possible number of young people. As such, we have put together a prevention kit that is available free of charge to all secondary schools in Belgium. Furthermore, a free prevention kit is also available to help organisations and youth associations. 
The Gaming Commission takes the protection of players to heart. An important aspect of this protection is seeing to it that young people stay on their guard when it comes to gambling. Sadly, all too often they are exposed to games of chance and the 'get rich quick' dream that comes with it. Even though poker, for instance, is enjoying huge success, including among youngsters, games of chance are not without risk. The Gaming Commission is keen to do everything it can to keep young people alert by drawing their attention to the dangers that games of chance may involve. The BLUFF! prevention campaign is wholly condusive to this aim.
The film is to be shown in five episodes, with each episode viewing to be alternated with time for reflection and discussion. In the first two episodes viewers get to meet a total of five characters. The last three episodes deal with different phases in the gaming process: winning, the pursuit of winning and despair.
During the group discussions, the pupils are given the time to reflect on what they have just seen. The teachers can conduct the discussion using an educational kit. Moreover, the prevention kit also includes a board game that enables the youngsters to find out more about gambling addiction. The aim is to show, by way of a board game, that gamblers are often prepared to do anything to win. By getting involved in games of chance, young people briefly forget their everyday concerns and experience the tension and the adrenaline rush brought on by the game.
With this campaign, the Gaming Commission hopes to focus young people's attention on the fact that a simple game between friends can soon degenerate into a hopeless dead end situation of debt and gambling addiction. Games of chance need to remain harmless and fun.
To be sent our free prevention kit, please contact: – Phone: 02/213.42.75