In recent years, the offering of games of chance over the Internet and text message services has continued to rise. The Gaming Commission monitors the fairness and integrity of games and verifies all financial movements whilst ensuring the protection of players.

The Commission decided on a system of supplementary licences: existing gaming establishments that already have a licence to operate games of chance in the non-virtual world can apply for a supplementary licence to make their games of chance available over the Internet. This enables us to ensure enhanced control. In doing so, the gaming establishments are no strangers to the Commission and will be less likely to breach the Gaming Act, because this would see them risking their licence for their non-virtual world place of business.

Belgium has a favourable tax climate (11%) for offering online games of chance. Moreover, the Belgian Gaming Act is transparent and in compliance with European law. This means providers of online games of chance are making the right choice by entering the Belgian market of games of chance legally.