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In casinos, certain slot machines may be made available, namely

- roll slot machines of the Reel Slot type

- games of the video slot type

- games of the wheel of fortune type

- the horse races with separate terminals where at least 12 players can take a place

- players of the Bingo or Keno type

- interactive poker games.


In a slot machine arcade the following games are permitted:

- blackjack games

- horse racing bets

- dice games

- poker games and

- roulette games

A maximum of 30 automatic slot machines may be operated of which a maximum of 3 multiplayers.


Finally, in a drinking establishment, only the electric billiard with changing stake is permitted. In a drinking establishment a maximum of two electric billiards with changing stake may be operated.

This machine is available in two variants, better known as

- Bingo

- One Ball