Am I allowed to accept bets in a café during a sporting event?

No. The acceptance of bets in a mobile gaming establishment is subject to a licence F2 issued by the Gaming Commission. One condition is that no alcoholic beverages may be sold for consumption on the premises.  

Am I allowed to place information signs or forms concerning bets in a café during a sporting event?

No. Those signs or forms are part of the accepting of bets, even if that accepting takes place on a location outside of the café. It is forbidden to accept bets in a café.  

Am I allowed to combine the running of a café with the acceptance of bets (combination of a licence C and a licence F2)?

No. There has to be a strict separation between both locations and activities.

Am I allowed to open a betting office in the direct vicinity of primary and secondary schools?

Yes. Betting offices in the vicinity of schools are allowed. This is not the case for gaming halls.

Do I have to offer leaflets of the Gaming Commission in my betting office?

Yes. You are legally obliged to offer those leaflets to the players within the framework of the protection of the player. The same rule applies to the casinos and gaming halls.

Am I allowed to open a new gaming office next to an existing gaming office?

No. Any new gaming office has to be at least 1,000 metres from an existing betting office. An exception is made for betting offices that were already being run before 1 January 2011.

I am a newsagent. Do I have to apply for a licence D (personnel in gaming establishments) and a licence D (acceptance of bets) in order to accept bets?

Newsagents who, in addition, also accept bets only need a licence F2. A licence D is not mandatory if bets are accepted as secondary activity.  You are, however, obliged to participate in an online information session concerning the protection of the player and the compliance with the applicable rules.

I have been running a betting office for years now. Do I now need a licence D and F2 to continue my work?

Yes. A licence F2 is mandatory to accept bets. Your betting office is a gaming establishment (such as a casino or a gaming hall). You need a licence D to work in a gaming establishment.

Am I allowed to take bets as secondary activity in a café, a videoshop or a tobacconist?

No. Bets may only be accepted in a betting office, via a bookmaker on the place of the event itself or under certain conditions as secondary activity in a magazine store and on the racetrack.

Who pays the contribution for a betting office with a licence F2?

The organizer of the bets (holder of a licence F1) has to pay the contribution on behalf of the accepter of the bets (holder of a licence F2).

Do I have to apply for a new licence F1 if the shareholders or the manager of the company holding the licence F1 change?

If the company and thus the company number remain unchanged, the licence is maintained. However, you have to immediately inform the Gaming Commission of any changes.

I hold a licence E. Can I also obtain a licence F1 to organize bets?

No. A licence E cannot be combined with any other licence issued by the Gaming Commission.

Which objections can a mayor raise in their advice concerning the arrival of a betting office?

The mayor can raise any possible objection. Examples are that the fire safety is not assured or that alcoholic beverages will be sold. The Gaming Commission decides on the merits and the relevance of the objections. The advice of the mayor is not binding.

To which category belong betting on dog racing: betting at events, sports betting and betting on horse racing?

Initially, the legislator provided for an exception for betting on dog racing. However, that exception has been lost in the course of the parliamentary activities.
Nowadays, betting on dog racing falls under sports betting.